9 Reasons It Is Hard to Let Kids Fail (and How a Butterfly Can Help)


butterfly cocoon

“Let your child fail!” seems to be a common theme of parents education these days.  This blog included; educators across the nation urge parents to let their child fail.

And if you are a parent, the very use of the word “fail“ next to the phrase “your child” probably takes your breath away at least a little bit.

Let’s face it.  No one wants to see their child fail.  Character building or not, an alarm rings when our kids are in distress (or potential distress) because of a failure.

So, despite knowing that we need to let our kids fail, our evolutionary instinct kicks in, and we are not just simply running to their aid but are also trying to fix their problems and mistakes.

Sure, it’s easy to dismiss us as: helicopter parents (always hovering), snowplow parents (always clearing the path) or bubble-wrap parents (always wrapping up our precious…

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